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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eric Plancher Victim Of Coaching Machismo In My View

I just finished reading the terrible ESPN story about University of South Florida Wide Receiver Eric Plancher, who died after trying to finish a rather strenuous workout, which reportedly had head coach George O'Leary screaming at him to finish it, even as Plancher was trying to breath.

In my view, that alone is gounds for a lawsuit.

I'm personally sick and tired of the football coaching "meathead" ideal that says you have to struggle and force yourself to finish a workout routine. Look, a coach should be more concerned that their players don't have hardened arteries or any kind of heart problem. I don't care if the player's 19 years old, check on the person; To read that stuff is heartbreaking!

I think George O'Leary, who's famous for not getting the Notre Dame Coaching job for lying on his resume, should turn a reverse and appologize to the Plancher family rather than trying to cover his butt.

That stinks.


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orlando said...

Does anyone know how to get in contact with a support group for Eric Plancher? My cousin goes to UCF and says the same thing abou George O'Leary. Things like this shoulb never happen.

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