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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ohio State LB's Terry and Grant Overshadowed By MLB Laurinaitis

I was asked to look at the performance of three Ohio State seniors -- Terry Curtis and Larry Grant at linebacker and Kurk Barton at Offensive Tackle. But the only person I ended up paying a lot of attention to was Middle Linebacker Laurinaitis, James -- er James Laurinaitis.

He's the team leader in tackles and one may say that he should be as MLB -- not so. Ohio State puts him in a position to make plays and he does. But to be frank, he's impressive. He roams the middle well on passes and really understands how to disguise his blitzes when called on to do so. He got an interception that way.

As for Terry and Grant, they were basically non-factors. Washington did their best running damage off tackle and on pitches, where the outside backers roam. In fact, Ohio State was lucky to win this game, and the final score doesn't indicate how close the game really was. The Huskies won, then lost, this game. But one of the main factors was the play of Mr. Laurinaitis in the middle.


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