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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Notre Dame Fans Blaming Ty Willingham For 0-4 Start Are Racist Or Dumb

Notre Dame is four losses and no wins, and I'm happy. It's the worst record in Notre Dame history, period. It's a record unmatched by any of Tyrone Willingham's teams. Yet people are pointing at him -- some people.

What this is showing is just how racist Notre Dame really is. It's sick to blame Weis terrible performance on someone who wasn't even there. Hey, you want to know what the real problem is? Do you?

It's this.

Weis can't teach youngsters who are below the age of 20. That's the problem. He's yelling, screaming and intimidating them, and it's not working. He's not teaching football. Plus, what he's doing is not thinking outside his own box of what he wants to do with this offense, rather than what it can do. The mark of a good coach is to get more out of less, not more out of more. It's easy to line up, try something interesting, and say we're going to go after the national championship with good players.

But Notre Dame does have good players. The trouble is the offense is predictable. It's boring, simple, and milktoast. And don't tell me that it's because they have a freshman quarterback. BS. That's not the problem.

Weis doesn't undertstand how to make formations or pass plays where people are obviously open. He's got his own agenda -- run it this way, even if it doesn't work.

Blame Weis.

Hey, when Ty was having his problems no one looked back and remarked that it was Bob Davie's fault! What's the deal now? Face it. Notre Dame screwed up in the way it treated Ty, and is now being punished for it. Let the lesson continue!


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