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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SF Chron's Jake Curtis Is Wrong; Harbaugh's No Jeff Tedford

In today's SF Chronicle, writer Jake Curtis compares the selection of new Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to that of the choice of Cal: Jeff Tedford.

I'm sorry, Jake, you're way wrong.

Let's compare, the two.

Jeff Tedford was Oregon's Offensive Coordinator. That means he knew the Pac-10 and most important was familar with recruiting in the conference and against rival schools like Cal. Does Harbaugh have that kind of experience? No.

Jeff Tedford was at least able to tell Cal recruits that he coached Joey Harington who's in the NFL; who's Jim Harbaugh coached that's playing in the NFL? No one.

Jeff Tedford was known for a different style of offensive and quarterbacking. At least Harbaugh can lay claim to that but it's at the Division I-AA level.

Still, he did coach the leading passer in Division 1-AA and has a 29 win, 3 loss record. So he can at least claim to be the USC of Division 1-AA.

But he'll need more than that to top Cal. We'll keep the Axe for another four years!


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