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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

James Lofton - Thankfully Not Stanford's Only Black Coaching Candidate!

Earlier, I identified that -- according to information I got at the time from Stanford Alums who are friends -- James Lofton was the only candidate of color to be interviewed by Stanford.

Well it seems my proding of the Stanford alumns has forced some to look up new information and present it to me. I'm very happy to report that James Lofton is not the only black candidate that was approached. San Jose State Co-Defensive Coordinator Tom Williams and (excellent news) UCLA Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker have been contacted by Stanford's Athletic Director Bob Bolwsby.

For those Stanford Alumns who may be upset, my response is that I'm really really happy to be the cattle prod that produced the raison d'etre for this information. We've got to make sure that diversity in hiring is an objective that is never avoided.

I'm happy -- very happy -- to see that Stanford is at least following the right road. But the overwhelming error here is that Bowsby played this close to the vest rather than being open. That's where the PR nighmare starts.


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