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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Notre Dame Football Video - Charlie Weis speaking at "The Shirt" Unveiling at Notre Dame Kicks Sand In Face of Ty Willingham

I post this video as a window into how Charlie Weis thinks, or more importantly how he doesn't think. In this speech, Weis constantly refers to "this time last year" -- and gets more digs in at Tyrone Willingham's tenure as coach at Notre Dame. He did this last year calling Notre Dame's game against Washington and Coach Willingham "The Tyde Bowl."

Weis interesting approach on offense to be is offset by his unwarranted arrogance. Toward the end of the year, the weakness of his squad, the same as before, speed, was shown. But there's something else, too.

You're not going to read this anywhere else: his offense is not so flexible. There's a pattern and if I'm a defensive coordinator, I'm going to make sure I blitz from various positions and mostly the safety and cornerbacks.


Because the very nature of their offensive design allows these plays to work. To be more specific, when ND lines up in a slot formation, blitz the slot corner from a press position, but call a 4 short, 3 deep zone. When they play their Ace two tight end sets, call some variation of a wide tackle six defense, but bring one defensive tackle over the center.

In other words, you have to be somewhat multiple in your defensive coverages and fronts and have the "look" of an agresssive attack, but fool them into making errors. I would vary between odd and even fronts, but stick with the odd front defenses more. I would also blitz about 20 times at the least.


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