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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Northwestern Lost Year?

With the death of Randy Walker this past week the Northwestern football team is going to have a lost season in my opinion. You will hear everyone tell you they will be doing it for the coach, but in reality the season is really lost.

These young men can't be expected to compete like they would if they had their coach. Walker made impressions on these young men and that is something they will never forget. The season is secondary now the grieving process will take a long time and even though they will be on the football field the coach will be in the back of there minds.

The bad part is these kids will give it there all and you have to respect them for it as this will be one thing they never expected to happen and adjustment time needs to be given. As a whole the college football community should rally around the team and show their support for the effort they will give win or lose. As these kids reflect during the season they will realize football is just a game and randy Walker was their friend and coach and will be missed long after they leave the program.


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