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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Charlie Weis Runs Up Against South Bend Tribune

The South Bend Tribune, the local organ of the town where Notre Dame exists, and plays football, took on the thorny matter of how high school player Jimmy Clausen, regarded as the next John Elway by some, came to be successfully recruited by the Weis and the Golden Dome. The resulting article -- which to me is really harmless (I've read it) -- caused the two reporters to be blocked from attending Notre Dame practices (this was removed recently) and generally got the Irish up of the locals who support Notre Dame.

But one thing it's shown is just how thin skinned its coach is.

Notre Dame posted a 9-3 record last year when no one -- really, no one -- expected them to do anything. The difference this year is ND's going to get the "A" game of its opponents. How the team stands up to this pressure will show to what degree the program really has improved.

I'm betting not much.

There's a lot more interest. Tickets for the Notre Dame / Penn State game -- the first game on the team's schedule, are going for over $1,000 a seat. If Notre Dame loses that game, there are people who will feel that they got ripped off.


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