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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Will The Hurricanes Be A Player

After the LSU Tigers destroyed the Miami Hurricans in the Peach Bowl many people wanted heads to roll and they did. Most of the Miami staff was let go my head coach Larry Coker. Miami's problems run deeper than assistant coaches it's the product they put on the field and especially the skilled positions.

Miami hasn't had a franchise NFL quarterback in a long time. Miami use to turn them out every year now they just aren't getting the prime time players like they use to. If they do get them they are on the defensive side of the ball and that doesn't help the offense.

The defense will be strong again this year for the Hurricanes and the offense will continue to struggle. This is a weird team to get a read on as sometimes they will look like the best college football team and other times they will look no better than a mid-major coleege football team.

Will they contend for the title? I don't see that, but they will be in the hunt as there defense is one of the best around.


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